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Third Round at World Youth Chess Championship

Third day in World Youth Chess Championship 2007 in Kemer, Antalya was over with interesting games. The results are available in the links above while there is a pictorial report at the link below.

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Third Day in World Youth Chess Championship


Left: Davit Arutunian, Georgian grandmaster who visits Turkey frequently is now working with Oscar Wang playing in U10 in the Australian team. You can see one of his students with him. Right: FM Ali ?pek working with his students from TED College which played in European Club Cup many times with his latest students CM Cemil Can Ali Marandi who is world champion under 9 in World Schools Chess Championship together with twin Okay brothers



A player from Sri Lanka analyzing with his coach.

In the third round of U18 girls, WIM Kiran, WIM Gomes,WGM Corke, Sanchez Santana, WIM Umudova, are the players hating 3 points. WIM Y?ld?z won against Nodirjanova to reach 2.5 points to play with Betül Cemre Y?ld?z.  GM Ivan Popov won against FM Vernay while GM Howell lost against IM Pruijssers. The other players apart from Popov in U18 leading with full points are IM Grigoryan, Caspi, IM Margelashvili, IM Linchevski.

U16 girls is led by Agrest, Tsatsalashvili, WFM Repina, WFM Ton, WFM Pon and WFM Kulon with full points. At the U-16 section IM Durarbeyli won agianst Mustavaev while Hovnhannisyan,FM Recurero Guerra and FM Pereira as FM Vugar Rasulov and FM Kacper Piorun have won all their 3 games. Turkish hopeful Mustafa Y?lmaz drew against Bregadze.

At the U-14 section Sethuraman, IM Sjugirov and 11 other players have full points. In girls U-14, 9 players still has not even drawn a single game while Turkish representative Emel Kaya has 2 out of 3.

In U-12 Girls, 14 players won all their games so far while ?a?mazel lost her third round game and Yi?it who drew with the top seed of the event WFM Baraeva(2136). In U-12, top seed FM Nyzhnyk won against Chua as Srbis against Yudin despite the 137 point gap between the two players. There are 9 other players with the perfect score.

In U-10G 9 players are still with the perfect score while in U-10, reigning U-8 World Champion Prince is going to face Artemenko from Ukraine while 6 other players also have perfect score after round 3.

U-8 Girls group has only 6 players sharing the first place with all 6 players from different countries. U-8 has 12 players having 3 out of 3 with bronze medallist in European Championship in Batumi, Volkan Sevgi won a nice game with an sophisticated exchange sacrifice.



Left: Türkiye ?? Bankas?, the main sponsor of Turkish Chess Federation has an office in Limra
Hotel. Right: The stand that has the books of ?? Bankas? publications. Last year, one fourth of the sixty thousand books that were sold by ?? Bankas? Publications were chess books. Especially, the books that are used as the textbooks for the cirriculum of chess courses in schools took a majority of the sales.

Left: One of the internationally renowned players in Turkey WIM Betül Cemre Y?ld?z playing in Under 18 girls from ?zmir, 5-time Turkish Women's Champion who was the first Turkish player to gain a draw from women's world champion at the time (none other than Antoaneta Stefanova)
Right: Burak Firat, 2147, from ?zmir another young star playing Be?ikta?, the Turkish league champion



Left: Blackman from Barbados Right: Adhiban a strong player from India.


Left: One of the smaller tournament halls in Aspendos  where under 18 games are being played. Right: A player from Sri Lanka


GM Howell together with FM Ilya Nyhznyk giving a killing look to his opponent.



Mikhail Nikolov in Under 10 in the left from Bulgaria

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