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First Round in WYCC 2007

World Youth Chess Championships Kicked Off


1450 players from 103 different countries are playing in 12 different categories are taking part in 2007 edition of the World Youth Chess Championship which is taking place in Limra Hotel, Kemer, Antalya. The venue already hosted Turkish Youth Championship, Türkiye ?? Bankas? Chess League and European Club Cup.  Together with all the accompanying persons, there are about 2600 people in three diferent hotels.  This a historical event for Turkish Republic since this is the second largest sports event after 2005 Universiade and the level of participation is a record for the history of World Youth Chess Championship.

Future Stars Meeting in Kemer,Antalya

There are various stars of chess with the strong players U-18 like GM Ivan Popov and GM David Howell who has to deal with  IM Manuel Leyon Hoyos. In Girl's section WFM Gunina is the first seed. In Boys U-16 IM Salgado Lopez and IM Vasif Durarybeyli are among the players that you can recognize. Kübra Öztürk, Turkish star who holds the European U-16 title for two years has to face opponents inclduing WFM Olgar Girya, WFM Sopiko Guramishvili, WIM Irine Kharisma Sukandar. In Boys U-12, there is the young star FM Ilya Nyzhnik who is renowned in the chess world. In U-14 winner of Femida Cup IM Sjugirov is also playing in Kemer. CMs Atilla Yüksel and Cemil Can Ali Marandi, two world schools chess champions back in april are also among the members of the Turkish team.


It is like a paradise of photos with intelligent kids all around the world


Right: Ali Nihat Yaz?c? interested in every player in the Turkish team as he speaks to Aleyna Yi?it Left: A view from the second largest tournament hall, named Aspendos 6.


Left: A strong Turkish player Mert Y?lmazyerli, player of Be?ikta?, ?? Bankas? Chess League champion and member of national team in Subotice which won a silver medal in Under 16 European Championship Right: Fatma öztürk, coordinator of the Live Broadcasting and Internet in TCF enjoying the pretty kids Ye?im Patel and Ayça Fatma Durmaz


Right: Coach of the US team Khodarkovsky, Head Coach of Youth Team Hasan K?l?çaslan, another Turkish coach Hakan Erdo?an, Kübra Öztürk, Betül Cemre Y?ld?z as both members of the youth team and the Women's Team of Turkey, Burcu ?a?mazel another talented youngster whose story was published on ChessBase back in February, Adrian Mikhalchishin himself with Board Member of TCF and National Team Manager Özgür Solako?lu at the back, Zurab Azmaiparashvili and Georgios Makropoulos  Left:Adrian Bogdanovich is ready for his cake.


Right: Kübra is the one who cuts the cake of the 53rd birthday of Mikhalchishin Left: OK, now it is time to work. Girls had to show their games to their trainer as many others in the tournament.

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